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"Chris Kostecki is a talented and deeply experienced digital marketer. He was able to help us ramp our digital marketing quickly and with strong results. He digs deep into your business objectives and is proactive about making recommendations. I would work with him again in the future, and I highly recommend him." 

 - Delia Vallejo, Evolved By Nature

About Chris Kostecki

For over 15 years, I’ve been in the digital marketing field and have been fortunate enough to approach it from many different angles. From local online directories, to digital marketing agencies, to some of the most exciting consumer brands in market, I have built up a range of experiences that can benefit your business.

I have seen digital marketing start as a concept and grow to be the leading driver of business. When a business reaches those that are searching online, or can recognize their customers’ social traits, a sustainable marketing campaign can be developed and maintained through those channels.

My professional foundation is rooted in Search Marketing, though as the digital space has evolved, my experience has grown to include Paid Social Advertising, Affiliate Program Management, Email/CRM Campaign Execution, along with a myriad of Digital Media (Banner/Video) tactics including: retargeting, lookalike, and programmatic as well as more traditional digital sponsorship and custom placements.

I am most passionate about how digital can fulfill business goals, from delivering exposure and consideration to driving action and loyalty, your answers will be found by reaching people when they are plugged in.

More importantly, I am a father of two incredible girls and a baby boy. I am also fortunate enough to be supported by my wife, Kristin. They motivate me every day and it is because of them I have started this venture.


Campaign Management

  • Customized Tracking & Reporting
  • Paid Search (Google/Bing/Yahoo) Campaigns
  • Paid Social (Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/LinkedIn) Campaigns
  • Video/Banner Media Campaigns
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Drip & Blast Email Campaign

Opportunity Assessment

  • Search & Social Network Research
  • Media Campaign Audit & Planning
  • Media Campaign Research & Execution
  • Local Business Listings

Digital Market Testing

  • Landing Page Testing
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • Creative/Messaging Optimization

Site Optimization

  • E-Commerce Merchandising & Cart Optimization
  • Lead Form Optimization
  • Website Tracking
  • SEO Best Practices
  • E-Commerce Product Syndication

Free Consultations

Make an appointment to discuss your digital marketing needs and answer any questions you have about your digital business. Conveniently located in Lunenburg Village.

Who We Work With

Local Businesses

I am excited to connect with businesses based in Central Massachusetts and the general vicinity. While I work with clients throughout the country, it is the relationships I am building in my community that I look forward to building upon as my family grows up here.

If you are in the area and have questions about how to best approach your digital market, let’s carve out some time to meet and discuss over a coffee, or any other beverage you choose.


The energy of start-up business is addictive and powerful. It is also important to ensure that energy is not being wasted on distracted marketing efforts that is not helping to bring a product to market. While most start-ups need a nimbleness to be successful, there are also lessons to be learned from those who have experience in the field and can help navigate the digital waters.


My experience is most deeply rooted in eCommerce efforts both working on the agency side as well as managing the demand generation efforts for for over 4 years. I really appreciate the tangible aspect of selling hard goods through digital platforms as it can be very easy and efficient to find those looking for those goods.

Lead Generation

I have worked with shops of all sizes in a full range of industries and look forward to discussing the digital opportunities that exist for your online store!

Searching for the right “who” among the vast digital audience can be one of the biggest challenges for a digital marketer. To be successful, one must be nuanced in the targeting and deliberate in the messaging. Whether you are looking for volume of leads to fill a pipeline, or that one diamond in the rough, an experienced digital marketer can help put together a strategy to achieve this, or look to optimize your current efforts.

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